Company Limited Hai Phong Urban Environment Natural formerly The public management has been established since the early days of liberation Haiphong. In the advocacy process and developed from the date of its establishment, the company history can be divided into the following stages:

* Stage 1: Since 1956-1975

After the takeover of the city of Hai Phong, the government has organized and mobilized to clean up the streets, garbage pick up the first giant silver and River Tam residential alleys. Sanitation workers were encouraged to return to work with the spirit of the workers’ city. The attention of the authorities about the working conditions and activities, team employees are aware of their responsibilities. The task of the management team at the public works are: municipal waste collection, preservation and clean streets, drains cleared, liver and summer road, electricity and public lighting, public water, water spray washing line against dust, .. sustain daily life for city residents worthy contribution to the process of building a civilized urban life under the socialist regime in the land “wind waves “, and actively participate in the work remedial American War.

* Stage 2: Since 1976-1981

According to Decision No. 566 / TCCQ December 22, 1976 of the People’s Committee of Hai Phong city in the consolidated management team works closely with the team to enter into a sanitary units serving under the leadership Department land – urban Works named “company of Hai Phong urban sanitation”.

* Stage 3: Since 1982-1984

City decentralization pilot work cleaning up feces, garbage for three urban districts and each district has a company under sanitary district. The Company has guaranteed the assigned tasks and received the medal of labor and 3rd prizes city of industry.

* Stage 4: Since 1985-1992

According to Decision No. 776 / TCCQ August 7, 1984 on the dissolution of the Company and sanitary public works under the People’s Committee of three urban districts, the unified management of the organization and duties of the company in Public urban sanitation company of the Department of housing and urban project management was named “company of Hai Phong urban sanitation”.

* Stage 5: Since 1993-1999

Follow decision No. 468 / QD-TCCQ August 14, 1993 of the People’s Committee of the Company renamed Urban Sanitation Company Hai Phong urban environment. Follow decision No. 393 / QD-UB May 28, 1994 City People’s Committee for the establishment of Hai Phong Urban Environment from business forms to the State enterprise economic activities into business State enterprise business services revenues.

1996 The company is managed separate the city sewerage system into the new company was established company in Hai Phong Urban Environment and maintenance tasks urban street summer to work for the company Urban Haiphong.

* Stage 6: From 2000 – 6/2010

Implementing Decision No. 1175 / QD / UB June 23, 2000 of the People’s Committee of the Company transferred the urban environment from Hai Phong State Enterprise business services business to earn a State A public under Decree 56 / CP of October 2, 1996 of the Government.

* Stage 7: From May 7/2010 far

Implementing Decision No. 1019 / QD-People Committee June 29, 2010 of the People’s Committee of Hai Phong City on the conversion of the Company Hai Phong Urban Environment Company Limited Hai Phong Urban Environment Decree No. 25 / 2010 / ND-CP of the Government dated 03.19.2010.

The process of formation and development activities of the Company Limited Hai Phong Urban Environment has gone through the stage with many difficult challenges completed under the leadership of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors of the Company together with the attention of the authorities and industry in the city, the collective determination of the officers and employees of the company. Company Limited Hai Phong Urban Environment actively promote internal strength to overcome difficulties and challenges, find solutions to effectively create positive change in the collection, transportation and urban waste. The company has gradually strengthen the organization, develop mechanisms for the production, regulation work functions and responsibilities of each department, internal norms, the process of testing quality assessment products at each stage of production, reorganization of management and executive producer towards efficient compact, clearly define responsibilities for each group, individual, stability in production and on a development makes up the city became the country’s clean green.