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cong ty

Company Limited Hai Phong Urban Environment was established on the basis of Decision No. 3950 / QD-People’s Committee on 26 May 05, 2010 by Hai Phong City People’s Committee for approval

- Full name: LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY MEMBER Hai Phong Urban Environment

- Abbreviation Vietnamese COMPANY Hai Phong Urban Environment


- Trade name: HPURENCO

- Head office: Number 1 Ly Tu Trong – P. Ming Khai- Q.Hong Bang – TP. Haiphong.

- Phone: 031.3747787

- Email: ctymtdt@haiphong.gov.vn

- Website: http://www.urencohp.com.vn

- Tax code: 0200149536

2. The legal representative of the company.

- Title: Chairman and CEO of the Company.

- Full name: Le Ngoc  Tru                 Archive Gender: Male

- Date of Birth: 06/16/1965 Nationality:                    Beijing Nationality: Vietnam

- Professional qualifications: PhD in Economic Sciences

- Foreign language: English Bachelor

- The level of politics: Bachelor

3. The formation and development of the Company.

From the early days of urban sanitation activities with simple equipment, rudimentary. Today Company Limited Hai Phong Urban Environment became a state enterprise organizations complete, field sanitation activities varied, equipment more modern. That helped for the sanitation workers better ask “Green – Clean – Nice” of the city.

Company Limited Shanghai Urban Environment is now the State Department under the People’s Committee of Hai Phong City. The company is public enterprises are independent accounting accounts at banks (including foreign currency accounts), with legal personality separate seal is used as prescribed by the State.

The company was formed as required to perform the functions of urban sanitation include: management and use of public facilities implementing sanitation by cleaning up, transported out of the city (the processing) all kinds of urban waste, ensure environmental clean city.

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